Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

6:30am – 7:20am                              Check in

7:20am                                                 Event Marshalling and brief

7:25am                                                 Wave 1: Jawbone Peak Half & Razorback Ridge 10k

7:30am                                                 Wave 2: Jawbone Peak Half & Razorback Ridge 10k

7:35am                                                 Wave 3: Jawbone Peak Half & Razorback Ridge 10k

11:30am                                               Cutoff for 10K

11:30am*                                              Razorback Ridge 10k Presentation.

1:00pm *                                              Jawbone Peak Half Marathon Presentation

2:30pm                                                 Course closes

  • Presentations are done when all age group prize categories are filled.


Runner are to designate their own wave when they register based on their current fitness level , their desire to race, run or jog and their skill and speed on technical terrain. Use the matrix below to determine your wave. There are 3 waves. If you decide to change your wave after you have registered, this is understandable and we are happy to do this – however please do this on the morning of the event. You do not need to email us prior.  All walkers should be prepared to go in Wave 3.

Slow Speed Runner Medium Speed Runner Fast Speed Runner (compared to your age group)

Jogging it with friends, here for a good time.




Running hard but not that fit. 3 2


Racing – I want to do well and perhaps win my age group

2 1





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